Mission Statement

To grow knowledge, excel in innovative technology applications and systems, develop a world class solutions and systems to real world challenges and really make a different difference in the development of the Information and Communication Technology Services, Education, Platforms, Research, Resources and Career in Nigeria and Africa.

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 #19, Tokunbo Ali Street, off Toyin, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
 info@opensdigital.com,  +234 (802) 229 4329

 #7, Borokini Dada, Lagos Road, Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria
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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Condition

A certain ratio of the initial cost for our software solution will be receivable by OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD from customers/clients yearly for the nont time contrained systems technical support, updates and upgrades.

We request any cancellations be made at least 10 working days in advance. Cancellations made within period less than 10 working days attracts 25% of the commencing term of OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD software solution subscription.

Credit & Payment Terms

We draw your attention to our request of 65% of the payment at the commencing term upon the deployment and implementation of the systems less other configuration and the accompanying hardware devices and resources.

100% Money Back Guaranty

On the account such dissatisfaction experience on the usage of any of our software solutions with a Statute of Limitation (SOL) not later than a period clearly stated and acknowledged by OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD and such client. OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD shall honorably refund to you (100% of) your full total cost of software license purchase.

Non-Disclosure of Data

OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD access to your data may not be limited due to drill down and micro management level of consulting, however we are willing to sign an undertaking of Non-Disclosure Agreement standards and/or as the case may call for, as designed by and with you institution.

Dedicated Service & Support

We understand that the decision to implement a new business solution is not taken lightly. The commitment shown by your Management team is just as important as the system itself. OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD offers a comprehensive service, beginning with pre-sales consultancy and extending into full support for the lifetime of your system:

Pre-Sales Consultancy

Your Operation is unique. Pre-sales consultancy enables us to determine where changes need to be made and which procedure can have the greatest impact on your academic processes.

By understanding your processes from day one, we can recommend solutions that will work in harmony with your faculties, management, your academic priorities and your existing academic routines.

Project Management

OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD offers a range of project management services for new installations and system upgrades and our consultants work closely with your own team to ensure that every aspect is properly considered, carefully planned and well executed; from scheduling of resources through to physical implementation, transfer of legacy data and faculty training.


Our experienced, qualified, systems engineers will ensure that the databases are correctly installed, the solutions are effectively deployed and set up with minimum inconvenience to your faculties. They will test connections for all of your client systems.

Data Porting

Your legacy data contains a wealth of information and analysis that we can help you enhance. We will help you to clean up your existing data before it is transferred into OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD. This allows you to remove old or redundant transactions and records, and change or enhance your existing coding and analysis structure. The time taken for this exercise varies depending upon the volume and condition of your data.


We aim to get your new system up and running in the shortest time possible.. and with the minimum of disruption to your daily activities. Advanced planning is critical to this process and, following confirmation of your subscription, our project manager will agree and plan timings for implementation. This schedule will take into account the time needed to transfer your existing data, and to configure your new system for maximum impact and ease of use.

System Configuration

Once your new system is in place, our experts will configure it to your precise academics and operational needs. This may involve anything from setting up user profiles for faculties to re-designing your report pack.

Again, we are acutely aware of the fact that there will be need for a very minimal disruption to your academic activities.

Our highly experienced system administrators are qualified in all aspects of automating business machines, and will work closely with your team to ensure configuration proceeds to schedule. We give the same care and attention to subsequent system upgrades and systems enhancements.

Post-Implementation Review

After a suitable period we carry out a thorough post-implementation review. This is used to verify that your system meets all your key objectives and is continuing to operate correctly in accordance to your specifications as conveyed to us.

Functional Training

Although OPENSDIGITAL Technologies LTD systems are easy to use, getting the most from your new system does require training. We provide a range of structured training programs, including classroom, on-site and one-to-one faculty tutoring of the system know how.

Our training schedules are carefully tailored to ensure that individual faculties are relaxed and confident with the functionality they will be using on a day to day basis. Training will be discussed and scheduled during the initial project planning day.

Software Upgrades

You are entitled to receive every updated and upgraded version of your standard systems for as long as we have a valid contract. This helps to ensure that your operations remain fully compliant with all relevant legislation and benefits from mainstream 'emergent' technologies at the earliest possible date. Updates are available monthly frequency and complete upgrades every three to five (3-5) years.

Technical Support

Our dedicated system consultant (administrator) stationed permanently at your institution shall see to every of your academic process challenges and or needs on day to day basis. Some administrative tasks are ranked zero in fault tolerant, hence require inputs from a specialized system administrator; at this juncture our specially trained system consultant will be able to see them through without the delay of initializing any form of communication to us.

Our dedicated support team is 24/7 (including Public Holidays). Telephone support is provided to trained users who need help with the detailed workings, features and functionality of the systems.

New users will not be trained over the telephone and will be referred to our training department. You can contact us by telephone, fax or email and we do everything possible to resolve your query promptly and accurately.